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 The purpose of this Government/Industry Council (the “Council”) is to provide for effective avenues of communications, cooperation and consultation between Government Contracting Activities, their Customer Activities and to private industry in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area in order to improve the productivity of contracting and the quality of the end product for the mutual benefit of the Government and industry. The Council shall explore and develop methods of quality/productivity improvement; foster a spirit of cooperation; provide a forum to share new ideas and initiatives; and suggest changes to applicable policies, regulations and/or statutes through the appropriate channels. It is not the purpose of the Council to discuss specific contractual actions or discuss particular future procurements.


Council activities will be conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulation. Applicable regulations of note include: the DOD Regulation set forth in 32 CFR §237A, Public Affairs and Liaison with industry; DOD Directive 5500.7, Standards of Conduct; and SECNAV Instruction 5370.2J, Standards of Conduct and Government Ethics. 


 The Council shall consist of a General Council and an Executive Committee.

A. General Council:
The General Council will be open to all Regional Contracting, Customer Activities, other Government Activities in Hampton Roads and industry personnel desiring to participate in and contribute to quality and productivity improvement. The Tidewater Association of Service Contractors (TASC) will serve as the focal point for industry membership.

B. Executive Committee:
The Executive Committee will have two elements, Government Representatives and Industry Representatives. Representatives to the Executive Committee will agree to serve for two years. The Executive Committee will have two appointed Co-Moderators, one Government Representative and one Industry Representative. The Government Co-Moderator and Industry Co-moderator shall alternate chairing the monthly meetings of the Executive Committee. The Government Co-Moderator shall be selected annually by the Government representatives on the Executive Committee. The Co-Moderators shall be limited to a one year term, but Government representatives shall not be prohibited from serving as the Government Co-Moderator more than once provided such services shall not be in consecutive years. The Executive Committee shall have authority to charter subcommittees for specific purposes comprised of both Executive Committee and General Council Members.

C. Government Representatives:
Government Representatives to the Executive Committee shall consist of representatives of Government agencies involved in contracting and procurement.

D. Industry Representatives:
Industry Representatives to the Executive Committee shall be elected by Industry members of the General Council except that the Industry Co-Moderator shall be appointed by the TASC Board of Directors. The Industry Co-Moderator is normally the outgoing TASC President and will serve for one year. The total number of Industry Representatives shall be limited to 14 elected representatives in addition to the Industry Co-Moderator. Industry representation shall include General Council members representing two Small Businesses, two Small Disadvantaged Business or 8(a) Businesses, two Large Businesses, six businesses at large and two representatives of educational institutions. While there is no limit to General Council membership from any one company or Government Activity, General Council membership shall only be entitled to cast a maximum of three votes from any one company or Government Activity on any matter to be voted on by the membership, including, but not limited to, the election of Industry Representatives to the Executive Committee.


 The General Council will meet at least once a year generally in March for the annual election of Industry Representatives and the Executive Committee presentation on the status of issues under review, any recommendation made and any achievements.

The Executive Committee will meet as appropriate, but not normally less than monthly, to conduct the business of the General Council. The time and place for Executive Committee meetings shall be set by the Executive Committee at its meetings

The Executive Committee will organize and carry out other joint Government/Industry programs or forums of mutual educational benefit as deemed appropriate.


 The Government and Industry Co-Moderators will be responsible for coordinating the Executive Committee Meetings, preparing the agenda, recording the minutes, inviting any guests and keeping members informed of the time and place of meetings.

Recorder, to be assigned at each meeting, will be responsible for providing the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings to the Co-Moderators. The official minutes shall be approved by the Co-Moderators prior to release. Public access to the minutes via the General Council is critical. In addition to providing the minutes to industry, the minutes will be made available to industry through the TASC/TGIC website (

The Executive Committee actively solicits proposed agenda items for review from any respective member of the General Council. Agenda items will be accepted or rejected by the Executive Committee. Government Activities shall present agenda topics to the Government Co-moderator for consideration on the Executive Council agenda.

Tidewater Association of Service Contractors is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. P.O. Box 1095, Norfolk, VA 23501

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